Ceramic-to-Metal Hermetic Seals with Kryoflex

Only Kryoflex Ceramic-to-Metal Seals are Hermetic Now… And Forever!

Kryoflex polycrystalline ceramic — a multiple-phase derivative of ceramic oxide crystalline silicates— was developed by PA&E as a direct ceramic-to-metal replacement for conventional compression glass and metallized alumina ceramics.

Kryoflex Material for Hermetic Ceramic-to-Metal Sealing

Chemically active Kryoflex provides, by means of oxygen pinned valence bonding, a direct union during the fusion processing of a ceramic to metal entity. This unchanging chemical and mechanical bond is enhanced by Kryoflex’s randomly organized crystalline structure, which allows this unique material to relieve stresses from within.

Electrical properties of Kryoflex ceramic to metal seals include resistance in excess of 1×1012 Ω/cm, with easily maintained resistance values exceeding 50,000 Megohms — even in micro-miniature designs. Stand-off voltage capability is such that breakdown will always occur in the air media surrounding the terminal … never through the dielectric.

Neither Vibration — Nor Mechanical Thermal Shock — Will Degrade Kryoflex Ceramic-to-Metal Hermetic seals.

Kryoflex technology allows you to choose connectors, feedthrus, and electronic packaging that are custom-built to withstand extreme temperature, pressure, and harsh environments, and hazardous chemicals that destroy lesser materials.

94594-25 Micro-D Connector
Individual Kryoflex Seals Surround BeCu Pins in a Hermetic Micro-D Connector

We Call Our Sealing Technology Kryoflex … You Call it “Bulletproof”

The Kryoflex family of materials has adjustable coefficients of linear expansion, allowing application to a huge variety of shell and conductor materials. No formers are added, so this material remains useful as insulator from 400°F to +1,400°F with no loss of hermetic integrity.

Because Kryoflex seals directly to copper alloys, our have many times the current-carrying capacity of conventional products. When used with aluminum, Kryoflex permits hermetically-sealed connectors to be robust and lightweight, while using copper conductors. (For applications requiring greater strength, Kryoflex works well with titanium, stainless steel or Inconel shells along with platinum, platinum-clad titanium, or Inconel pins.)

Choose Kryoflex to exactly match your most precise design requirements: An enormous variety of standard and custom hermetically-sealed products are available from PA&E.

  • Electronic Packaging – The housings for our integrated packages can be made from a variety of metals including aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, iron-nickel alloys, and more.
  • Space & Aerospace Products – High-end, hermetic seals and hermetic connectors can include standard versions, as well as custom configurations of our industry leading connectors.
  • Medical Components – Our hermetically-sealed, ceramic to metal terminals and connectors used in electronic life-support devices, hearing restoration components, vital organ synthetic drug secretion devices, and bone growth stimulators, are all manufactured for implant in the human body.
  • Energy Products – Kryoflex ceramic to metal seals are used for hermetic seals connectors and integrated packaging used for deep-well oil exploration and other applications where units must operate under extreme temperature and pressure, while maintaining both a hermetic seal and superior electrical performance.