Hermetic Glass-To-Metal Sealing

As an alternative to Kryoflex®, we can provide glass-to-metal sealing to reduce the cost of manufacturing, or when glass performance is required for the specific application.

glass-to-metal sealed feed-thrus
Glass Sealed Hermetic Feed-thrus

Glass can be directly sealed into a variety of metals such as Kovar, Alloy 42, Alloy 49, Alloy 46, and stainless steel, in either a matched seal or compression seal to meet customer requirements. Machined, coined, etched, and stamped modules can be glass sealed depending on customer needs and cost considerations. High-reliability glass-to-metal seals, which utilize a special oxidation and sealing process, are also manufactured for those applications requiring higher processing temperatures.

Glass-To-Metal Sealed Hermetic Components
Glass Sealed Hermetic Components

Brazing of materials can often be performed before, during, or after the sealing process — depending on material choice. The vacuum brazing process utilizes belt furnace soldering of frames, floors, metallized ceramics, feedthrus, capacitors, connectors, etc. into housings, using Au/Ge, Au/Sn, and other tin alloys (depending on processing temperature requirements) can also be produced for value added manufacturing. A variety of metal combinations can be soldered together to provide packaging with soldered hermetic seals.