Overview – Standard Hermetic Implantable Interconnects

standard hermetic implantable connectors for cardiac implants
PA&E supplies implantable components to leading cardiac device manufacturers.

For more than 40 years, PA&E has provided unique solutions to deliver medical components used in FDA-approved medical devices that are helping thousands of patients. PA&E’s standard hermetic implantable connectors use materials with a proven track record of implantable viability and have successfully passed state of the art testing.

Leading implantable medical device manufacturers use hermetic interconnects from PA&E in a variety of applications including: cardiac implants, neuro-stimulators, cochlear devices and more.

standard hermetic implantable connectors spinal cord stimulators
PA&E supplies hermetic implantable components to leading neurostimulator device manufacturers.

Our standard hermetic implantable connectors uses the same materials and technology featured in our built-to-order products, but these products are quick-turn (either in stock or with greatly reduced manufacturing times) and don’t require NRE investments.

Standard Hermetic Electrical Connectors: Features & Benefits

Smaller Footprints
PA&E’s ceramic-to-metal joining technology allows us to make components smaller without compromising performance. Pin pitches go down to 0.050’’ on our standard products and could even go smaller in a custom design.

7 Shapes, 2 Pin Lengths
PA&E’s feed-thru range is the widest bio-medical standard offering on the market.

standard hermetic implantable connectors for cochlear implants
PA&E supplies hermetic implantable components to leading cochlear implant device manufacturers.

Cytotoxicity Tests Available
While all implantable devices must pass tests as finished final devices, PA&E’s feed-thrus have passed component-level cytotoxicity testing with flying colors. We have submitted two representative feed-thru configurations to the test and both show no reactivity after incubation.

Over 40 Years of Field Experience
In 1976, PA&E designed and sold its first medical 4-pin feed-thru for a pacemaker. We have produced more than 250,000 units of that feed-thru over the years. Today, PA&E has produced over 1,000,000 hermetic components for use in implantable medical devices.

Testing Protocol
PA&E’s feed-thrus passed extensive testing that demonstrate extreme robustness and reliability under extreme conditions.

Standard Hermetic Electrical Feed-thrus – Technical Details

Drawings and Models

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