PA&E, Inc. is an integrated manufacturing company, specializing in technically demanding ceramic and metal components and assemblies, hermetic connectors and advanced micro-electronic hermetic packaging for global leaders in the defense, space, medical and commercial industries.


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Hermetic Packaging and DC Connector Specialists

Hermetic Connectors and Electronic Packaging

PA&E utilizes specialized precision machining techniques, advanced materials science, process engineering and proprietary technologies and processes to produce some of the most reliable and high performance hermetic products, including:

  • Integrated Electronic Packaging – Ultra-rugged and reliable seals that effectively eliminate solder joint fatigue and cracked glassHermetic Connector CAD Models & Drawings Link
  • Hermetic Connectors – Rectangular DC Connectors,  Circular DC Connectors, RF/Microwave Connectors, High Pressure Connectors, Medical Components, Hermetic Windows
  • EMI Filters – Micro/Mini, Eyelet, Filter Pins, Bolt, Broadband, Custom Caparrays, Custom Filter Assemblies
  • Bonded Metals – Explosive Bonding, Explosive Forming, and Explosive Hardening
  • Laser Welding – State of the art computer controlled, true non-contact Lasag Laser Welding technology

Comprehensive Process Capabilities

  • Precision Machining – State of the art manufacturing facility featuring 3- and 4-axis machines
  • Hermetic Sealing – Glass-to-metals seals and ceramic-to-metal seals
  • Vacuum Brazing – Metal-to-ceramic bonding, metal-to-composite bonding and metal-to-metal bonding
  • Surface Finishing – Full range of capabilities including, chromate conversion, painting, and more

We offer a complete solution to many of our customers and are often the sole source supplier for many of the components. Our comprehensive, end-to-end capabilities, combined with our experienced staff of engineers, scientists and technicians, allow us to provide you with any or all of the products and services you require.


PA&E Wins Outstanding Supplier Award from Honeywell Clearwater

award plaque

 PA&E Earns Nadcap Chemical Processing Certification

PA&E is pleased to to announce that we have earned Nadcap accreditation to perform the following special processes:

  • Nickel Plating per AMS-QQ-N-290
  • Nickel Plating per AMS-C-26074
  • Gold Plating per ASTM-B488
  • Conversion Coating per MIL-DTL-5541

SOURIAU PA&E Nadcap Certification



Quick-Turn, NRE Free Implantable Feed-thrus, Endoscope Windows

Hermetic 38999 Style Connectors With Integrated EMI Filters

PA&E’s New Mini Micro-D Connector.

New Testing Standards for Space Qualified EMI Filters.